1. Monkey Book #3

  2. Monkey Book #2

  3. Monkey Book #1

    Drawings from images I like, people and imagination.

  4. Collage book. A mixture of collecting materials/images I’m drawn to and experimenting with ideas.

  5. Personal Effects, Medals: The objects an individual collects used as a means of examining their identity.

    Experimenting with monoprint, not the best print but my favorite.

  6. Diary Sketchbook.

  7. Threads I
    Threads II
    Threads III

    Threads Series. Work that’s on show in the gallery space underneath the studio I have recently moved into. I’m still trying to settle into the studio and have been finding it hard to reconnect with my work after a break from it for a while. Need ideas to make it feel more like home!

  8. Fridge Note.

  9. Old sketchbook.

  10. Tailor Made. Video work made by projecting footage and then moving paper cut outs over that imagery. I was interested in using the visual motif of ‘tabs’ in a playful way relating them to those found on paper dolls clothes. 

    “Man’s earthy interests are all hooked and buttoned together and held up by clothes.”

    (Langner, 1991)